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What can Inform do for your business?

  • Allow you to demonstrate your expertise and improve the customer experience
  • Add professional content to marketing and social media
  • Ensure your team is up to date with all the latest trends in the property market
  • Enhance your chance of winning more instructions

What do you get when you subscribe to Inform?

  • Realtime property market insight and analysis
  • Frequently updated headline statistics on housing market trends
  • Branded and personalised market reports
  • Downloadable content: articles, charts, maps and info-graphics
  • Housing market trends nationally, regionally and locally

Who are Dataloft?

Dataloft is a leading independent market intelligence company who works with property clients around the UK and abroad. We have built our success on our ability to cut through the myriad of noise in the market and create meaningful, concise and user- friendly market intelligence.

We offer a wide range of bespoke services from simple data requests, to market reports and full consultancy projects.

Our innovative approach will increase awareness of your brand and help establish your business as a thought- leader in the market.